March 20, 2008

Busy Artist Getting Lots Accomplished

Pin It Well, yesterday turned out to be an excellent day where I got tons of things accomplished and scratched off my TO DO LIST! Which is an extrordinary feat for me, as slow as I can be!
I finished 3 more star people dolls, got lots of items listed in the store, and even went to town and got stocked up on groceries! Speaking of which, have you noticed the price of FLOUR?? The large bag I used to buy for 6.99 is now 12.97!!!!!!!!!! Is this what we can expect at the grocery store forever???OK. I am getting way off topic!
I am working on a new design for some spring and summer ornies. I am late getting started on my spring designs because of the time it took me to build the webstore, but I'm sure I can catch up, or just have a few less designs than normal.
I bought a new CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS magazine that has my head swamped with inspiration of all kinds! I am gonna try my hand at my first ATC (Artist Trading Card) today! Will let you know how the experience turns out. It is kindof scary to be working on such a small scale, certainly much smaller than I am used to, but I love to try new, so tomorrow you will be able to see how it turns out!
Until Tomorrow...

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