March 17, 2008

Quilt Show ~ Featuring 'MY SON'

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My good friend Louise Chisholm is preparing a quilt show............ now lets get some history behind this whole project.
For the last few years Louise has mentored local children, boys and girls and assisted them in making their own unique quilt from their own design they created. My son Jesse drew a farm design and his completed quilt is AWESOME.
Louise has helped 30 children complete their quilts, all of which are unique to the children. She did this all for FREE, including the fabrics and the only thing the children needed to bring was quilt batting.
My son enjoyed the whole process, although he stated his least favorite part was the sewing! lol

The quilt show featuring all of the childrens quilts is:
May 3rd & 4th from 1p.m-4p.m each day at
Islands Consolidated School, Freeport Nova Scotia
Tea and Cookies will be served by Islands Home and School Association.
Here is sneak peek at one of the quilts, My son Jesses Farm Design Quilt!

Be sure to check out the items Louise has on consignment in my online store. She is an incredible artist who uses a variety of different materials in ways an ordinary person never thought possible!

Oh, and the quilts are just for show, all of the quilts belong to the children who created them and are not for sale!

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