April 7, 2008

Monday Morning Again!

Pin It Boy, these weeks sure are going by fast! I can't believe we are on the second week of April already. Yesterday I saw a mosquito!!!!!!
The sun is shining through my window, the sun is sure warm, but the air still cool! Which brings me to the never ending thoughts of spring and summer, after this long long winter! Which is why I have been working on a series of spring dolls this weekend. No, they're not done yet, as each doll takes hours and hours and hours to complete and I am working on 6 at a time. So, possibly the middle of the week you may get a peek!;) I find that working on a few at a time is the most efficient for me. When I get an inspiration , I sometimes go overboard with designs. But working on 6 at a time, such as in this series, allows me to paint one, while doing another stage on another, etc.
Stay tuned for pics, later on in the week. And be sure to check out all the decorative dolls available in my shop!

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CCC-Art Room said...

Thanks for the preview they are lovely.