April 17, 2008

NEW! Butterfly Ladies

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OK, so as you can see I have been a "blogging slacker" for a few days. Life tend to interfere with all good intentions of blogging daily. However, I still have been a busy gal in my studio, and once I get enthralled in a new project the hours just seem to slip on by.....
So here they are, the newbies. My sweet little butterfly ladies which have been taking all my attention for hours and hours and hours all week long!
These cuties measure about 11.25" tall, not including their antennae . They are created to hang on the wall, a door, peg hook, etc. I should have them listed in the STORE tonight or tomorrow morning. They are going to retail for 40.00 cnd. each plus shipping. These are all different and no two will be created exactly the same, as well these are going to be limited edition with no more than 25 butterfly ladies total. I have 4 created right now. If interested in pre-ordering a custom butterfly lady be sure to drop me a line.

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