May 14, 2008

May is Flying by.........

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May sure is flying by fast, and starting to look forward to the warmer weather!
Which brings about thoughts of my FALL and WINTER collections, which must get started soon! I work in a very slow process, from idea to finished product which all takes alot of time.
I have found some fantastic accessories for some snowman dolls that have popped outta my head and onto my sketchpad. I am so looking forward to creating them, as they gonna be great FUN FUN FUN! Everyone LOVES snowmen, and they are one of my favorite things to create! I get so excited and enthusiastic about new projects, especially new ideas!
The doll sale is ending on Friday so be sure to see if there are any sale items left that interest you.
I will be preparing the site with a few new photos on the main page in anticipation of the screen shot that will be taken on the 18th, for my country sampler ad, which will be in the Aug/Sept issue!

Have a great week everyone!
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