August 16, 2008

3 Dimensional Doll Eye Tutorial On The Way

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It sure has been a busy week here at Artsy Craftsy Folks!

More Bobbin Dolls are in the works as well as more creepy critters for Halloween!

I am also working on a tutorial on my new three dimensional eyes!

We have a new widget on the blog, showing featured items at Artsy Craftsy Folks, these can be purchased directly on the widget, (see side panel), and ofcourse visit the store for more selection.

Also, take note of the new halloween slide show, (see side panel) Slideshow courtesy of and features Halloween and Gothic themed items available NOW.

There will be a limited amount of Halloween items, as they are selling fast and very soon my christmas designs will be taking shape, and no more halloween items will be created for 2008. All OOAK items available while quanitites last.

Christmas OOAKs will start being listed by September 10th. Don't forget to bookmark the website!

Stay tuned for all this new stuff by subscribing to this blog!(see side panel to subscribe)

Be Sure to visit ARTSY CRAFTSY FOLKS to see all the new items added to the store recently!:)

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

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