August 5, 2008

New Doll - Witch Hazel - New 3D eye technique

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I think everyone will love the new 3D eyes on my newest creation for Halloween 2008. I have seen 3D eyes on many dolls and had yet to experiment doing my own, except for the 3d eyes I did for my fish dolls in the spring, which weren't as detailed as these newest eyes. I searched the internet for a pattern for 3d eyes, but atlast my search came up with no available patterns for such a thing entirely made from cloth.
So, I began experimenting, and this is what I came up with, another gothic style creation for halloween, only with 3d eyes. It was so fun to make this doll!!!!!!

Here she is:

Witch Hazel Has A Secret,
It's locked up in the basement!
Witch Hazel Holds the only Key,
If your curious and must see, Witch Hazel says
"Come Here My Pretty, Follow Me."

Witch Hazel has black lace eyelids, holds an original old skeleton key, and measures aprox. 31" to the tip of her hat to the tip of her toes. She can hang on the wall, or be displayed seated. She is entirely made from cloth with sculpted nose, and with wired individual fingers
The photos just don't do this doll justice, she looks much better in person!


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