November 25, 2008

Christmas Primitives

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Well, the Christmas season is here. Neighbors have Christmas lights lit in the evenings, Christmas music plays in the background while we browse the shops, and decorations inside and outside get carefully placed waiting for Santa to arrive on December 25th. Only 1 month left until that special and very magical day for children and grown-ups alike!

I usually have the house completely decorated by this time of the month, and I usually have my Christmas shopping completed and wrapped............but this year I am atleast 2 weeks behind in my usually Christmas preparation schedule..........Do you wanna know why??? lol ...................It's because I cannot stop SEWING!

I have been working hard for months, preparing for the craft shows, designing christmas patterns, creating all kinds of unique primitive ornaments, etc...... I made over 220 christmas tree ornies with anticipation of having atlease 50 left for my own tree this year......but it looks like I may be whipping up some more as I only have about 40 left and I still have 2 more craft shows to attend. I also have some custom orders to compete, and am running out of rusty bells! I have been up until atleast 1:00 a.m everyday this week, and I need to get up at 7 a.m with the I am running on lots of coffee, and ofcourse my love of creating all these goodies.

Catch me at the Following Craft Shows:
November 29th - Yarmouth Firehall 9a.m- 3 p.m
December 6th - Annapolis Royal FireHall 10a.m - 4p.m

And be sure to check out the new listings on my website.

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