December 27, 2008

2008 coming to an end......

Pin It Christmas is over. The wrapping flew off Christmas morning at our house at record speed, and the anticipation had ended within 20 minutes. My three little guys were jumping up and down and ripping things from their packages, and the famous quotes started "Will you put batteries in this?" "I can't get this open?" "Show me how this works" and "Can I eat this chocolate before breakfast?"

Their favorite presents, My 4 year old was most excited about a Nintendo DS, for my 8 year old it was his Nerf Gun, and my 11 year old it was Guitar Hero World Tour!

Now that they are busy with their new things, and ofcourse their friends...its time for me to get back to work in the studio after a few "Family Days" off. It's hard for me to seperate myself from Guitar Hero, (yes, I know its pathetic) but my son just showed me how to battle with the wi-fi connector on the wii and we have been having sooooo much fun with it! But my studio is calling me, and with a few ideas for 2009 creations I will have just as much fun in my room away from the noise of Guitar Hero.

I am helping my good friend, and fellow artist Louise Chisholm create her very own blog for 2009. She has created a fabulous collage for every day of 2008 and on each day of 2009 she will feature pictures of each collage. Some are already sold, but some will be available for purchase through the Artsy Craftsy Folks online store. You can follow her blog starting January 1st 2009 here :

Well, its off to the studio for me. The kids are getting ready for a nerf shoot-out here in the family room, and its time for me to go to my hideaway, before they start using my butt for target practise again!

Till next time...........

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