January 9, 2009

New At Artsy Craftsy Folks- Contributing Crafter`s Completed Cross Stitches

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New at Artsy Craftsy Folks are completed cross stitches by Trina Elliott.
Trina is an incredible cross stitcher which is easy to see when you look at the back of the design and it looks just as good as the front, and when you can`t tell the back from the front in some cases.
She has many completed designs on the website including some extraordinary designs from the DOLLY MAMA pattern line, with hilarious sayings that are sure to be popular gifts. (see pics for samples)Also available are numerous Christmas and Cat designs with other popular sayings. My favorite has to be the completed baby quilts at such a reasonable price of only 100 dollars each. The work in these quilts is incredible, with the back of the quilt looking as good as the front. An amazing amount of hours of labour went into these beautiful quilts, and for such a low price they make a fabulous heirloom gift for a new baby.

Be sure to check out all the designs at Artsy Craftsy Folks!

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