May 25, 2009

My baby has gone to his first full day of school! (practise day)

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Griffin has been asking me for weeks (when do I go to school with the big boys?) Well, practise day has arrived, and there he is...waiting for the bus with his youngest baby off to school for the day!

Not scared at all - but extremely excited!

Hope him and Sawyer don't fight on the playground, like they do at home.......(I guess Mama is the only one scared)
And there he goes......sniff sniff. I haven't been without a baby home in 12 years! Oh well, at least it is just a practise day! A little taste of what Fall will be like.....oh my, it is sooooo quiet here!

A great day to catch up on work in the studio! If I can get focused that is!

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Tins and Treasures said...

Do enjoy your time with your school-age boys. Before you know it they go to college and your nest is empty!! I hope you do get lots done today. ~Natalie