September 30, 2009

Art Doll Quarterly - Autumn 2009 -My Dollies were published and now they are ready to go to a new home!

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Well, the gals have been on an exciting vacation to California and back. They had a fabulous time modeling for the Autumn 2009 issue of Art Doll Quarterly. They can be seen on page 109 and 110. Check out Stampington & Co for magazine issue! They have been resting from their adventure in my studio - but now they want a new adventure and are ready to be flown to a new home! Air Fare is free for this week only! Check out the gals on Ebay this week!

Gothic Princess SASHA - starting bid 85.00 usd with FREE SHIPPING!

Gothic Prom Queen starting bid 85.00 usd with FREE SHIPPING!

Auctions end
(Oct 06, 200913:24:08 EDT)

These dolls are both OOAK and will not be recreated. Don't miss out!

Other goodies can be found on my website: Artsy Craftsy Folks!

Have a great week - I'm back in the studio working on some Christmas Surprises!

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Carol said...

Hi Lorraine, Congratulations on your publications! I'll bet your dollies felt like movie stars. Carol