September 4, 2009

School Has Begun - First Year for my BABY - wahhhhhh!

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Do I feel old? Yes - especially now that I have no babies home anymore, and all three of my wonderful boys are in school. I had a few tears yesterday morning, as they all left on the big yellow bus.......however soon afterward while I was enjoying my coffee and newspaper - I noticed how quiet it was - and thought this might not be soooo bad afterall! lol

Here is Griffin - impatiently waiting for the bus to take him to his first "REAL" school day! He was sooooo excited he couldn't finish his breakfast, which almost never happens.:)

Sawyer wasn't that excited about starting Grade 3 - He said summer was way toooooo short!

Jesse looks like he is posing for a clothing He was a bit excited to start his first day of Jr. Highschool - although you'd never know it, as he is keeping COOL. lmaoThere they go on the "big yellow bus" -

Although I will get a few things accomplished around here, and enjoy some peace and quiet - I still miss them terribly when they are away at school....I can't imagine what I will be like when they go away to college.....ughhhhh!

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Carol said...

Aww, cute fellas you have there. The tears will come more often as they grow up:) Carol