May 5, 2010

Sewing Again...;)

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Phew! It sure has been a long time since I posted anything....yes I have been busy. I haven't sewn much all winter as it has been a busy one, and I have been focusing on some personal goals.....
but all it well, and I am sewing again!
I have some orders from shops to fill this coming month, and as you can see from older posts, that I did close my website and am focusing more on shop sales which has seemed to be more productive. I have some ocean themed items on the way - some "SeaGulls", Sea Witches and Mermaids to name a few which are near completion. I should be able to post some pics to share within the next few days. As always, I do take shipping orders from blog postings, and accept payments through paypal. So if you see something you like, or wish to place a custom order, drop me a line!

Hope spring is greeting you with lots of sunshine and chirpy birds!

Here is my new email address for orders, or questions about my work! Keep in touch, (and I will start posting more often. ;) Promise!!!

Have a fantastic week Everyone!!!

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