July 15, 2010

Fallen Angel Primitive Goth Doll - New Etsy Listing

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I am soooooo excited about my newest creation "Madeline - The Fallen Angel". I just love it when I am playing around with new techniques, and I come across something that makes me Sooooo EXCITED! With this doll, I played around with new painting and wiring techniques, as well as creating her with a tilted head, more posed that my ordinary dollies. I also tried making her eyes, more "anime" style, like the lady gaga contacts she wears in her new video.

I would love some feedback on this dollie! Let me know what you think of her!!!
As always, thanks for stopping by!!! :)

This Doll is now available on Etsy. She is OOAK - so if you want her, grab her up before shes gone! See the link on the side of this blog to purchase!

Have a fantastic Weekend Everyone!

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