August 2, 2010

Corpse Bride and Groom Primitive Goth 2 Doll Set with Three Dimensional Eyes and Wired Fingers!

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Meet my newest creation - a couple of newlyweds ready for their honeymoon.
Now listed on Etsy for 175.00 (both dolls).

I spent hours and hours and hours creating this set, and I think it was worth every minute, I am sooooo happy with how they turned out, and it was fun, fun, fun to make these. :)

Mr & Mrs. Spooks look very happy together. Mr. Spooks is very dapper in his top hat and painted vest with stylish checked pants, complete with matching bow tie. Mrs. Spooks is wearing a creamy velvet wedding gown complete with antique faux diamond button pearl necklace. Her gown features hand beaded lace.
Both dolls are aprox. 24" tall. each

Both dollies are made from a muslin base, and have been hand painted, with three dimensional eyes, and feature wired fingers that can be bent and posed, like they are holding hands in the photos...Mr. Spooks also features needle sculpted toes.

More to come soon - I am currently working on some more bodies in this series, which should be dressed and ready to post sometime this week!!

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