October 10, 2010

Not much sewing going on lately........

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It has been a looooong time since my last post - since there hasn't been a whole lotta sewing going on lately..............at least in my studio. lol I have been working parttime sewing for a bridal designer, which is very different from what I am used to making, but it is incredibly fun! :) However, the urge to create some new stuff has been overwhelming, so I got out some half completed doll bodies last night and am finishing them up so I can release some new creations this coming week! Exciting for me to be creating again after a month long hiatus!

Also during this last month, I have read some fantastic audio books - Apocalypse 2012 - The next 100 years - and Withering Heights...... Also, have been doing alot of vegetarian cooking / experimenting.....lol and have played around with a new hair do......(see pic) lol Time flies when your having fun.......

Will be posting the new dollies soon as they are done!!!! (hopefully by Wednesday):)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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