March 21, 2008

Good Friday ~ Happy Easter ACEO ATC Dreams

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The start of a new day and already my head is swamped with ideas for ACEO 's!
Lastnight I drew about 15 sketch ideas on this small scale, then all night I dreampt of ACEO's
Ofcourse, I won't have much time today to devote to artsy craftsy stuff, my brother and his family are home for Easter weekend, with their three little boys, (I still call them little but the oldest is taller than ME) We have a big dinner at moms this afternoon, and I must stay and visit awhile. (I think I'll take my sketchbook though) LOL
I have a request for some more dolls with sculpted toes. I only have one left in my studio, so I think I may venture into doll land the first of the week. So many ideas, so little time. Anyone ever wish there were many more hours in each and every day? I can't possibly accomplish all I dream and want to do.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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