March 23, 2008

Happy Easter ~ Egg Hunt & Thoughts of Spring

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My morning has been filled with the giggling of 3 boys looking for treats and easter eggs hid everywhere! Usually after this annual event, for about 2-3 months once in awhile we will find a forgotten egg here or there, that was hidden so well it couldn't be found. lol I already see some the kids have missed! They all got a new pair of spring sneakers, which may not seem exciting for most, but they were eggstatic! ;) They were especially pleased that they didn't have laces are were all slip on sneakers! Even my 10 year old still struggles with those annoying laces!
And now, with Easter weekend almost over I am thinking about SPRING! I doodled up some designs for primitive daisy ornies last night, and hopefully will get some created this week. Still doodling up some ACEO designs too! I sneaked a package of card protectors from one of the boys yu-gi-oh card boxes and have my completed cards all protected in the little plastic envelopes!
Everyone in the whole house has started with a cold, funny how we all seem to come down with it at once. Runny noses and dry coughs abound.....I seem to be free of it so far! I guess I won't dare take them out to Sunday school again this week, as they probably are contageous. Poor Griff was up half the night coughing and gaggin'. Wasn't great for my sleep either, but he seems a bit better this morning......but now he ate chocolate and has come out in hives again. Last time he ate apples and got hives, this time its chocolate, which usually doesn't bother him.............. Strange!
Before I get to work for today, I must share my breakfast! Dr. Oz recommended STEEL CUT OATS......... on Oprah. (I just love Dr. OZ) anyways, they are DELICIOUS! So much more flavourful than the normal kind and apparently great for you too! Super filling as well. Must spread the word.....
Until next time......

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CCC-Art Room said...


What a busy day ?

Happy Easter !

I too am working on ACEO .