March 15, 2008

Tons of Work. Where is the traffic?

Pin It I've been working almost 12 hour days for about 3 weeks now, and finally have my store open for business! hooray! Where are all the customers? hmmmmm.
Well, I've been researching and have listed my site in directory after directory, shared links with all kinds of similar storefronts, placed ads on some marketplace sites and still have very little traffic except for family and friends. I guess it takes time, but I am the impatient determined type of person that needs for some type of progress to be seen for all my hard work. So I guess, I'll just keep working 'til i see some action!
My artist friend Louise Chisholm has some incredible pieces of art that I have listed in my store. I still have about a days worth(work wise) of her items to add. The problem is that I LOVE everything, and am resisting urge to buy! hey, I need people like ME in my store!
I've been working so hard building my website that I haven't had time to do anything ' artsy craftsy ' in weeks.............I'm dying inside!
I've promised myself that today is the day I am going to start a whole new art item. I have this idea in my head of these characters that I am going to create....... and hopefully I will get the PROOF done today and be able to show you tomorrow;)

Until then.....

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