March 16, 2008

Star People Step 1 - 3

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I finally had a chance to do something artsy craftsy, and that being said I also had 5 kids running around the house yesterday, so I view it as a major accomplishment! ;)

Step 1 - Idea!!!! Yes the idea came to me when I went to bed a few nights ago...

Step 2- Design the pattern on paper.......hours later perfected design

Step 3- Make proof. I am still kindof on this step.........I am half done, my star person is still without his head, but he is gonna have one today for sure! the finished doll is going to be much better than the above pic. One of the things I love to do is paint on cloth! He is going to be fully painted, I'm unsure whether to do him funky, or primitive. I think he could love terrific either way. Maybe I can do some 'Star People' both ways, some funky and some primitive! Whatever I do I must give him a HEAD today! I am getting to my favorite parts now, faces and painting. My two great LOVES when it comes to creating!


CCC-Art Room said...

that is certainly on its way to being a unique doll.

Will be watching for the finished work.

Good Luck !

Lorraine Moore ~ Artsy Craftsy Folks said...

Thanks! View my recent post for the almost finished product!:)
Keep in touch!