March 25, 2008

Today in the Artsy Craftsy Folks Studio...

Pin It Today I am finishing up a couple of paintings, that have been almost complete for a few weeks now, just waiting for their finishing touches.;)
I just sprayed them with protective sealer, and to be honest, they are quite different from my usual work, but everyone must freak out once in awhile!!:)
I had a visitor this morning, who took some photos of my work to feature in 'Passages, Newspaper'. It is very exciting to be in print, and hopefully some more local artists will be interested in added some of their items to my inventory.
Traffic is picking up on my website, which is also very exciting news!
Must get back to work, always lots to do. Until next time.....


Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi there!! I found you off of Etsy!! Congratulations on getting your work in print! That must be totally exciting!! Drop in and visit me sometime!!


Liz Revit said...

Thanks for stopping by my etsy site and adding me to your favorites. I'm glad you stopped by because I love your work as well, and I added you to my favorites

You have a great Web site.

Stop by again!