July 25, 2008

King of The Barn Yard Art under 14"

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Art under 14" including mini art such as ACEOS(2.5x3.5") are increasing in popularity. Artists themselves like to collect such pieces, and also provide an affordable means for anyone to be able to own and collect original pieces of art.
This piece shown in the picture, is an original piece of Artwork measuring 4"x6" selling for an affordable price of 15.00. It is signed and dated by the artist, (c)2008 Sherilyn Sollows.
It is an original and there is only 1 available.
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Other mini-art pieces including ACEO's are available at Artsy Craftsy Folks Online Store!
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All of these items and many more original artworks including primitives, folk art, dolls, jewelery, collage, mixed-media and much more are available exclusively at Artsy Craftsy Folks. As always our online store provides secure online shopping, and secure payments through paypal.
If you require help or assistance at our online store, please contact us by email and we will be happy to assist you!

Have a great July weekend everyone!

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