August 1, 2008

Primitive Angel - Faith, Hope, & Dreams

Pin It Boy, this week sure has flew by fast. In between hectic life with three active little boys I did manage to get some work done. It's a miracle at times to get a chance to work, but when I do I enjoy every minute of it, and ofcourse as with all crafters/artists , I truly get lost in my work.
Beneath my large box of half and unfinished projects I came across a half finished doll body that I had lost inspiration for awhile back. Inspiration came back and she became this wonderful primitive angel.....the angel of Faith, Hope and Dreams!
Her body has been lightly coffee dyed. Her arms are stitched from my own collaged fabric, created by embedding yarns, ribbons, lace, flowers etc. Her bodice has been painted and embellished with grubbied lace and a grubbied silk ribbon flower. Her wings were stitched from lace and muslin and grubbied as well. Her skirt is the puff sleeve off a handmade medeivial wedding dress, beads are sewn all over the sleeve which made the perfect skirt for this lovely angel. Her fingers are wired so that they can bend and hold things, such as the rusty star wand she is holding. The wand is embellished with rusty star garland, with a large rusty star on top. Hanging muslin strips say, Faith, Hope and Dreams. Her toes are needle sculpted and she has gold toenails and fingers nails.
I think she would be the perfect addition for your primitive decor!
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