September 17, 2008

My pug and my Primitive Christmas Ornies....

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Well, it has been another busy week, and I am still hard at work on Christmas Ornies, and in creating some new designs for this year. My 5 month old pug "Gizmo" loves them, way too much. lol
It all started a few days ago as I was stuffing some ornies, and Gizmo snatched a big clump of stuffing outta my hand and ran with it....... we all tried to get it outta his mouth, however to my horror, he swallowed it! We followed up his stuffing snack with some food and water, and he seemed fine so I somewhat forgot about the whole fiasco! Until about noon the next day...... when poor little Gizmo looked up at me with terror in his eyes as he ran in circles rubbing his butt frantically on the floor. I took a look and sure enough, he had a stream of stuffing hanging outta his bum, that he coudn't get out! I started to panic, as I yelled out to my hubby who was working in the woodpile, to come quick! You see, he is very calm and good in these situations, whereas I was freaking out. Hubby came to the rescue and pulled that long stream of stuffing out of poor little Gizmo, and then we all calmed down! phew!
I'll save the coffee staining fiasco for another time....... lol

I'll have some new ornies to show you soon, they are all in the painting stages!
Enjoy your day!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you must keep everyone on their toes
And modest too
You have you paw in the right place to keep you from being embarassed
Very cute puppy.