January 23, 2009

Flying Angel Of Love - New Primitive Dollie For Valentines

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New Doll - I am finally starting to catch up here in the studio, and this dollie project was waiting for her wings this morning, sooooo here she is!
I think she turned out great, and even though she was created with Valentines day in mind, she certainly could be displayed all year round! The actual shirt color on this doll is a muted mustardy yellow, and my camera shows it much brighter.....it really isn't that bright! The skirt is a deep navy.
I made only 4 of these lovelies! So they are indeed a limited edition. Each doll has slightly different facial features, however all 4 are exactly the same in color and construction!

Visit Artsy Craftsy Folks if you wish to purchase this doll!

TGIF - Enjoy your weekend! ;)

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