March 8, 2009

Primitive Bunny Rabbit Doll - Easter Prims

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Here is the first bunny to escape from the studio for Easter 2009!

His name is ~ Hubert ~ and he has escaped from the garden
with a freshly picked big juicy carrot! He measures aprox. 24" tall!

Here is a close up picture of Hubert , with his teeth ready to bite into his prized carrot!

Hubert has individual wired fingers that can be bend and posed like real fingers!

Hubert is ON SALE now @ Artsy Craftsy Folks! 65.00 cnd. (plus shipping)
If you prefer to shop at Etsy and Ebay. (see below)
Hubert can also be purchased through Etsy for 60.00 USD.(plus shipping)
Hubert can also be purchased through EBAY for 65.00USD (plus shipping)

Hubert is OOAK and will not be recreated!

More primitive bunnies escaping from the studio very soon!

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