March 20, 2009

Studio Tour - Where I Create!

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Inspired by other bloggers posting tours of their workspaces - I thought I would follow suit. It is sooooo wonderful to get inspired by where other women create!

And NO, it is not always this tidy. It is often a muck with fabric cuttings strewn about the floor, painted items laying around drying, etc. etc. But after I finish up projects I like to tidy it up like this, so I can get inspired to create some new designs! Putting things back "where they go" has always been a challenge for me, but I am trying in 2009 to be more organized and put things away when I'm done. I am not always successful, and I am always a `work in progress`

My favorite tins and jars full of crafting goodies....

Baby Gate to keep my cute little critters out - kiddies and doggies!

My dollies hangin' around in the corner!

My Computer/office space right by the sewing machine. I often sew and surf the net at the same time........multitasking at its best!

I`m off to create some more goodies to share!
Happy Friday Everyone!

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