June 17, 2009

New Items For June!!! Primitive Stitchery Designs on Tea Towels

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June sure is flying by quickly. I can't believe my last post was back on May 27th....yikes! I have been working in the studio on some new stitchery designs, intended for tea towels. When I get the patterns uploaded in PDF files, the patterns themselves will be listed for sale. For right now, I have done each original design onto tea towels. Currently available are tea towels in either grubby prim style, or natural cotton muslin. There are 8 designs total, but will be adding more soon. As well, the patterns should be up for grabs within the next few days.
Below are some pics of the designs, shown on 100% cotton muslin, in both natural and grubbied . There are 1 of each available in either variation. Tea towels measure aprox. 27"long x14"wide. They all have a finished edge and are suitable to use or display. To purchase these towels please visit my WEBSITE, and look under the primitive stitchery category.

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Lorraine Moore ~ Artsy Craftsy Folks said...

Wow, I listed these a few hours ago and have already sold 4 of them...looks like I will be making some more.......;)