July 6, 2009

July in The Woods - A Primitive Vacation

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Just returned home from camping at Kejimukjik National Park & Historic Site. Wish we could have stayed longer, but now it is back to work for me and hubby! Beginning to work on some "Fall Themed Items , mostly centered around HALLOWEEN - In the meantime Here are some highlights from our trip:
Petrogylph seen on the Mik'Maq guided tour. Hundreds of years old!

Cocoa relaxing at the campsite!

Griffin giving the whole trip a "thumbs up"
Family around the campfire! Making Jiffy Pop and Smores!
Swimming at one of the many beaches there!
Griffin and Sawyer at the WigWam
Cocoa being smug on the car ride!
Woooo! We seen alot of deer!
Sawyer trying to stretch to get taller!
Gizmo all tuckered out from a run!
Me and some of the boys at the waterfalls!

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