June 20, 2010

Chickens, Dogs, and Kiddies - The House is Full! lol

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I haven't had much time to sew/create anything new lately. The house has been full of chickens, and the new additions have taken up space and time. Here are some baby pics of them. We just got the coop finished yesterday and got them out in there last night, still with the brodding light ofcourse, but they are outta the house. Phew! Maybe now I can get some work done around here.

These are 4 Barred Rock Chicks at 2 weeks old. These were purchased unsexed, so there might be a rooster amongst them. We are new to the whole chicken thing, so we don't know yet.:)
These are 15 white layers - 12 are ours, and 3 we are raising to full grown for someone else. These are all gonna be hens!

Ofcourse these are babies we've already had. Couldn't include pet pics without adding these. Gizmo is ofcourse doing his favorite thing - eating!!!

Cocoa posing with her grumpy face. lol I even told her to smile! :)

Gonna take some pics of the finished coop to post when the rain stops and Hopefully I will be posting some new dollies pics soon! Until then.......

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