July 3, 2010

Latest Creation in Vampire Series of Primitive Goth Dolls

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Finally have had a chance to do some "creating" during these hot sunny days. I got a really nasty sunburn, and was forced to stay inside, which ended up in getting lots of work caught up. There is a good side to everything! :)
I also added some dollies to my etsy store, and if you take notice, I now have an etsy widget on the left side of this blog page, which should make it easier to see whats currently available!

Hope u enjoy viewing this new doll! My sunburn has healed and I am off to weed the vegetable garden - then possibly some more creating! :)
Have a good weekend everyone!


AnaVar said...

So cute! I just found your blog, and reading older posts. I love your work and I enjoyed going through your blog. I'll visit you again soon!

Patsy said...

Nice blog article. Has you seen this new line of vampire dolls? I think they are actually very interesting. While they are not antiques they could be in the future. I found them at http://www.draculasbrides.com/. I think with the Twilight craze - these would actually be interesting as a gift or something for that vampire fan. I've never seen a collection like this. Neat idea - vampire dolls.