December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas - Boxing Day - And New Years!

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We had a very Merry Christmas at our home and hope you did too! Family and Friends, Dinners and Wine......makes for a Ho! Ho! Ho! of a time! lol
Wishing you all the best in 2011~

Now for crafting news:

I have had a few disapointments lately - comes with the business of crafting I guess! I had 2 very "unsuccessful" Christmas Crafts Shows.......both with which I went in "the hole"! Which SHOCKED me as last year I did very well at both the same shows, so i stuck with those 2 for this year and "bombed". I am stuck with alot of inventory that I worked extremely hard on for months to prepare for these shows.

To add "insult to injury" I did receive a small custom order about 2 weeks before christmas.......I worked very hard to complete the order so they would have it in time - 16 hours total work time - I called them and left them 2 messages on 2 separate occasions call back, no pick up, no money!!!! What the heck do I do with them?????? They were a specific christmas design which I wouldn't have ordinarly made!!! Very Disapointing! I guess I will not be able to accept anymore custom orders without at least half the final value as a deposit...........unless they are a returning and valued customer!
I wonder sometimes if all the time and effort is worth it and to be honest I really don't know ......I guess I will keep pluggin' away at it for awhile......but it may be time to find an actual paying job.:(

We'll wait and see what 2011 brings - Wishing you all the best!!!

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