April 18, 2011

Where oh Where did April go??? Oh where oh where could it be??

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Well, mid way through April already?? I was hoping to have sooooo many things accomplished by now, however the pneumonia sure did bring me down, and I just now am feeling like myself again, after a whole month...... I have been functioning, and doing the day to day, but not getting much accomplished in the studio, sadly. :(

This past week my hubby treated me to a night in the city, and tickets to the "Harlem Globetrotters" The show they put on is awesome, and I have been wanted to see them since I was a kid, so it was reallly special to me. Then we went out to "Durty Nelly's" which is a unique pub, being that it is an original pub from Ireland, that was dismantled and reassembled in Halifax. It has a unique charm, and fanastic food. We enjoyed Nachos and Guiness chocolate cake, that we both agreed was the best chocolate cake we have ever eaten! I would highly recommend having food and drinks at "Durty Nelly's", downtown Halifax! It was a fantastic 36 hours away from the "normal" rural life, and without the kiddies, but as always, it sure is fantastic to get back home to the kids and the normal routines.:)

With a number of things started in the studio, many designs only in the first stages, I only have a couple of little wee dollies to share that have been completed. These dolls are destined for "local shoppes" in Nova Scotia. I am working in the studio all day today, so hopefully some more items will be near completion and be ready to share this week.

Until next time.......

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