July 7, 2011

July is Here - So I'm Sewing in the Sunshine

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We just returned from 3 days camping at Kejimkujik National Park. We had one overcast day, and the rest were full hot sunshine. I had my first experience in a canoe with my 6 year old on this trip, and although he was anxious at first, he soon came to love the canoe, and all the wildlife we seen on our paddle.:) All three of my boys had a great time. Kejimkujik is a wonderful magical wilderness place that everyone should take the time to visit if they can.;)

I received a call while I was away with an order for some dolls. It is very exciting to get orders! So today I am back to work in the studio, working on some new dolls. It is soooo sunny and hot outside, I think I will be outside to do some hand sewing and doing some finishing touches and fine details on the projects at hand.

So......I am off to sew in the sunshine for the rest of the week. I should have photos to show of completed work soon........
Hope the sun is shining where you are too, and that you get a chance to enjoy this beautiful summer weather today!

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