March 15, 2012

Custom Doll Order - Lys

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This doll was a "Custom Order" for a customers very special and beautiful daughter. Inspired by photos of her, I created this doll to resemble her. When attempting to "reproduce" and create a doll that resembles someone, cloth has many limitations, however I think I captured her essence the best I could.

I used patterns from "Creative Cloth Doll Making" book by Patti Medaris Culea. This is the best book ever written about cloth doll making. Without this book, I never could have made such a human like figure from cloth. I altered one of the patterns in the book, combining 2 different patterns and adjusting dimensions to make the doll more petite like a teenage girl. I made her jeans from a pair of my teenage sons cast off levis. Her top was made from stretch velvet scraps from a bridal dress designer, and embellished with ribbons and silk flowers. She has an earring that was used for her nostril piercing and a silver toe-ring was used for her cuff bracelet. Her sandals were made from fun foam and ribbons. I used gel pens, fade proof prisma-color pencils, and fade proof markers to create her face. Toes and face have been needle-sculpted for dimension. I just love the way she turned out. A challenging but fun doll to create.

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I love this art Doll .