April 12, 2009

Down and Out but Back and Ready - Primitive Easter Blessings!

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Phew! I have been down and out for awhile now with a norovirus, probably Norwalk. It hit me like a tornado, and left me in bed for days, unable to function and feeling like I was about to take my last breath. Then the rest of the family got it. All 5 of us taking turns in the bathroom and coughing miserably together. By the fifth day I could get up and around, but it was a struggle! In the last couple of days I have actually been somewhat normal, (the kids have bounced back quicker thank goodness) but it is slow going and I still don't feel 100%, but hopefully I will soon!
So, wash wash wash and more washing of your hands, YOU definately dont want this BUG that is going around!

Happy Easter Everyone! Right now as I look out the window it is still snowing, yes snow! That was a huge Easter surprise. The ground has a light dusting, and looks pretty much like Christmas instead of Easter. LOL

I'm finishing up some NEW prims that I began before I was ILL. I will have some new Pictures for you soon!

Stay tuned.....and Have a fantastic weekend with your families!

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